Samantha Hunter is a rebellious woman on probation of petty crimes whose father has been murdered by an unknown suspect in Florida. Her ex-boyfriend, Tucker Harris who is a detective and his friends help Samantha to look for the suspect. They manage to find out that the murder is related to the Lombardo crime family in New York. But Samantha and her friends struggle to find the suspect as the Lombardo family carefully covers up their crimes. Samantha's worst nightmare is confirmed when she learns her true identity and her unlikely link to the suspect of her father's murder.

CAGE' 折枝

Life is liberty in a CAGE. CAGE represents a situation that is filled with a lot of constraints, or a habit or an addiction that is hard to get rid of. This project is to present a Chinese cultural and traditional visual style to audiences. On the other hand, CAGE tries to inspire them to recall their memory and consider what is the meaning of life to them individually.

Grandes Alpes

Andreas and Jörn share a fascination for cycling. Together they plan to travel the historic Route des Grandes Alpes. Corinna and Jörn share love, for each other and cycling. All three of them set out in summer 2013 at Kilometer Zero in France at Lake Geneva to overcome 1.000 kilometer and 23.000 metres in height. A camera crew accompanies them on their journey and does not only capture the beauty of the French Alps, but also the changes that take place inside of the cyclist. The physical strain turns into an emotional challenge.